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Traducteurs et interprètes English vers Romanian » General fields

Traducteurs English vers Romanian Tech/Engineering (599)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Art/Literary (10982)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Medical (1638)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Law/Patents (18695)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Science (31211)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Bus/Financial (14835)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Marketing (256)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Other (1861)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian Social Sciences (18667)

Traducteurs et interprètes English vers Romanian » Specific fields

Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Comptabilité
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Publicité / relations publiques
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Industrie aérospatiale / aviation / espace
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Agriculture
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Bétail / élevage (215)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Anthropologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Archéologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Architecture
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Art, artisanat et peinture
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Astronomie et espace (190)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Finance (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Automation et robotique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Industrie automobile / voitures et camions
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Biologie (-tech, -chim, micro-)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Botanique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Construction / génie civil (1188)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Entreprise / commerce
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Matériaux (plastique, céramique, etc.)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Certificats / diplômes / licences / CV
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Chimie / génie chim.
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Poésie et littérature
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Cinéma, film, TV, théâtre
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Textiles / vêtements / mode (960)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Télécommunications
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ordinateurs (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ordinateurs : matériel
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ordinateurs : logiciels
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ordinateurs : systèmes, réseaux
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Droit : contrat(s)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Cuisine / culinaire
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Cosmétiques / produits de beauté
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine : dentisterie (405)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Média / multimédia
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Économie (1744)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Enseignement / pédagogie (1720)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Électronique / génie électronique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Énergie / génération d'électricité
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ingénierie (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ingénierie : industriel
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Mécanique / génie mécanique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Génie et sciences nucléaires
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Environnement et écologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ésotérisme
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Pêche
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Folklore
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Produits alimentaires et Boissons
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Foresterie / bois / bois d'œuvre
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Mobilier / électroménager
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Jeux / jeux vidéo / jeux d'argent / casino
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Mines et minéraux / pierres précieuses
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Généalogie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Général / conversation / salutations / correspondance
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Génétique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Géographie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Géologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Gouvernement / politique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Photographie / imagerie (et arts graphiques)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine : soins de santé
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Histoire
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Tourisme et voyages
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Ressources humaines
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Idiômes / maximes / proverbes
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Assurances
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Org / dév. / coop internationale (724)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Internet, commerce électronique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Investissement / titres
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Métallurgie / moulage
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: TI (technologie de l'information)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Journalisme
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Immobilier
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Droit (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Droit : brevets, marques de commerce, copyright (810)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Droit : taxation et douanes (759)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Linguistique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Transport / expédition
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Gestion
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Fabrication
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Navires, navigation, marine
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Marketing / recherche de marché
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Mathématiques et statistiques
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine : cardiologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine : instruments
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Médecine : médicaments
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Météorologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Métrologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Militaire / défense
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Musique
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Appellations (personnes, entreprise)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Nutrition
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Génie et sciences pétrolières
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Autre
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Papier / fabrication
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Brevets
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Philosophie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Physique (212)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Imprimerie et édition
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Psychologie
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Religions (757)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Vente au détail
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Sécurité
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: SAP (151)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Sciences (général)
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Argot
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Sciences sociales, sociologie, éthique, etc.
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Sports / forme physique / loisirs
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Arpentage
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Vins / œnologie / viticulture
Traducteurs English vers Romanian: Zoologie

English vers Romanian translators and interpreters

À propos de la colonne de l’adhésion Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Mihaela Petrican
  Medical,Pharmaceutical & IT Translations
Romanian medical translator, medical translator, Medical doctor, MD, Romanian medical translations, Romanian medical proofreader, Romanian medical editor, Romanian pharmaceutical translator, English Romanian translator, Italian Romanian translator, Romanian Italian translator, medicine, medical articles, medical documents, medical review articles, scientific review articles, scientific articles, medical website pages, medical website, website localisation, SDL Trados, biotech patents translator, medical instruments, medical devices, pharmacology, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology translations, informed consent, clinical trials, clinical trial translations, clinical protocols, clinical protocol translations, medical surveys, medical records, medical research, medical products, diagnostic equipments, medical equipment manual, medical equipment translation, medical equipment translations, medical equipment translator, chemical translations, material safety data sheets, safety data sheets, MSD ... Romanian
4248 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Claudia Coja
  Not word for word, but SENSE for SENSE.
Engineering, science, construction, sales, mechanical, automotive, specifications, robots, automation, controls, computers, software, torque, tender, bid, engineering data, fuel, efficiency, technology, electrical, lighting, displacement, transport, shipment, shipping, tracking, contract, addendum, product data, shop drawings, electronics, machinery, technical, environment, commissioning, testing, construction documents, oil &gas, ecology, standardization, compliance, home improvement, tools, landscape, interior design, housing, hydro-technical, water, waste, sewage, treatment plants, utilities, instructions, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, medical devices, industrial tools, tender documentation, website localization, school certificates, Degrees and Diplomas, Affidavits, Criminal records, Divorce decrees, Powers of attorney, Sworn translations, sworn interpreting, Research projects, Academic and Scientific articles, English to Romanian Legal Translations, Technical Translations, Medica ... Romanian
2973 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Andrei Albu
  You won't even notice it's a translation
Romanian, subtitling, translation, localisation, localization, games, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, mobile games, PC, Mac, marketing, software, cat tools, trados, memoq, editing, proofreading, subtitling, telecommunications, software, mobile, cellular, phones, UI, strings, user, guides, localisation, medicine, medical, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, human rights, video, scripts, dubbing, undertitling, cultural, consulting, Romanian, English, french, european, community ... Romanian
1777 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Stefan Samu
  Your link to the Romanian market...
Stefan Samu - English to Romanian translator, Stefan Samu - English-Romanian translator, Stefan Samu - Romanian translator, industrial, engineering, mechanical, automotive, aviation, defense, petroleum, oil and gas, metallurgy, machinery, heating, construction, computers, software, telecommunication, electronics, English to Romanian CTTIC certified translator, English to Romanian NAATI accredited translator, English to Romanian translator, English to Romanian certified translator ... Romanian
1525 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Antonia Toth
  The right word in the right place!
chemistry translator, chemistry translator English Romanian, medical translations English Romanian, medical translator English Romanian, chemistry translations English Romanian, medical translations Romanian, chemistry translations Romanian, medical translations, metrology, chemistry, ECHA, REACH, clinical trials, biochemistry, catalysis, biocatalysis, genetics, spectrometry, photometry, pH measurement, conductivity, turbidity, water analysis, temperature measurement devices, pharmaceuticals, pharma, MSDS, medical devices, physiotherapy, pediatry, environmental protection, ecology, laboratory instruments traduceri medicale, traduceri tehnice, medicină, instrumente medicale, aparatură medicală, aparate și instrumente medicale, fizioterapie, substanțe chimice, ECHA, REACH, metrologie, chimie, biochimie, cataliză, biocataliză, genetică, spectrometrie, fotometrie, masurare pH, conductivitate, turbiditate, aparate de măsurare şi reglare a temperaturii, analiză ape, medicamente, farmaceut ... Romanian
1466 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Ciprian Patrascu
  Native MD, TRADOS, 12-years experience
medicine, cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, nephrology, ENT, orthopedy, surgery, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, equipment, clinical trials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, scientific & medical (journal) articles, doctoral theses, patient reports & consent forms, patient information leaflets, disability, determination, instruction, manuals, books, documentaries, drug leaflets, PhD, Terminology verification, Romanian, informed consent, doctor, MD, M.D., Ciprian Patrascu, health, rehabilitation, therapy, physiotherapy, rheumatology, alternative medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, preventive medicine, health care, computer presentations, case reports, clinical protocols, medical texts reviewing, reviewer, proofreading, proof reading, MSDS, MSDSs translation translations Romanian English ... Romanian
1384 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   tagore
  Quality prevails
TRANSLATION, EDITING, PROOFREADING, LOCALIZATION, EN > RO, English > Romanian, Flexography printing, printing machine, unwinder, rewinder, Local ventilation, heat recovery unit, Electron beam processing equipment, Injection molding machine, Hand pallet truck, skid lifter, reach stacker, Shelving, racking system, Elevators, Load Cells of SAG Grinding Mill, Field communicator ( FIELDBUS/HART), Field indicator, Bolt Tension Monitor, Pressure transmitter, Temperature transmitter, Point level sensor, Intelligent buoyancy transmitter, Tail gas analyzer, Hydrocyclone, Colour matching instrument, Humidifiers, Rotary Airlock, Multi-Aspirator, Rotary Stream, Wind turbine, MSDS, Safety Data Sheets, REACH, Health and Safety, H&S, Self-retracting lifeline, Fall limiter, TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION, User manual, MECHANICS, ENGINEERING, AUTOMOTIVE, HYDRAULICS, PLASTICS PROCESSING ... Romanian
1076 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Mihaela Sinca
  15 years of professional translation
finances-banking, contract law, IT, medical, environment, political; engineering; sciences, EU institutions and policies, subtitling, voice-over, Trados, SDLX, Transit, Catalyst ... Romanian
1170 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Irene S.
  The real technical translator
general, art, literature, linguistics, music, media, chemistry, biology, genetics, electronics, industry, technical, military, medicine, pharmacy, telecommunications, sport, leisure ... Romanian
814 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   adami
  Top-quality professional
English to Romanian translator, Romanian to English translator, translator Adascalitei, Mirela Adascalitei, Romanian translations, Romanian translator, Romanian literature translator, Romanian literary translator, Romanian literature translation, Romanian literary translation, Romanian philosophy translator, Romanian philosophy translation, Romanian poetry translation, Romanian poetry translator, Romanian linguistics translation, Romanian religion translation, Romanian religion translator, Romanian religious translation, Romanian religious translator, Romanian book translation, Romanian book translator, Romanian article translator, Romanian article translation, Romanian art translator, Romanian art translation, quick Romanian translator, quick Romanian translation, fast Romanian translator, fast Romanian translation, Romanian law translation, Romanian law translator, Romanian legal translation, Romanian legal translator, Romanian it translator, Romanian it translation, Romanian softwar ... Romanian/English
1285 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   anamaria bulgariu
  High thoughts must have high language.
IT, literary translations, accounting, technical, construction equipment, legal documents, law, proofreading, Romanian Highway code translated in English, fiscal legislation, English, Romanian, French, translation, conference interpreting, proofreading, editing, business law, contract law, human rights, EU, marketing, market research, meteorology, weather reporting, pharma, linguistics, philology, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, travel guide, travel guides, tourism, traducere, traduceri, corectura, revizie, engleza de afaceri, engleza juridica, administratie, drept administrativ, contracte, UE, Uniunea Europeana, farmaceutice, lingvistica, filologie, literatura, beletristica, proza, poezie, ghid turistic, ghiduri turistice, turism, traductor, títulos, registro sanitario productos, rumano español, traducción, traductor jurado, matrícula, expediente académico en rumano ... Romanian
729 points
English vers Romanian
  Octavia Veresteanu
  10 years of excellent translations
Romanian, transcreation, best translation, translation, legal, marketing, technical, business, communication, gaming, creative writing, ... Romanian
651 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Cristina Bolohan
  MA in Translation Theory and Practice
law(contracts), medical, catheter, steerable guidewire, embolization, EU affairs, transcreation, tourism and travel, marketing, finance, certificats, extraits de compte, libri per bambini, documenti e contratti, cosmetic products, household appliances, e-Commerce research, economy, podiatry, healthcare, clinical trials, SmPCs, user license agreement, Android applications, TV menu localization, DG Mare, cosmetic devices, bilancio, lettera di incarico, tariffario, code of conduct, Agriculture bio, jardinage, contratto, attestato di residenza, history, nurbs, spline surfaces, children's books, geography, oxycoupage, household appliances, conveyors, nanotechnology, amendments, draft reports, draft opinions, communications to members, petitions, verbatim reports, bladder sling, ancillary instruments, stent-graft system, management scenario, smartphone menu, clinical trials, Blood Glucose Meter, medical software, wisdom teeth extraction, SOPs, printer, scanner, projector, e-ticketing system ... Romanian
635 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Valentin Cirdei
  As good as my words
translator, automotive, tech, IT, site, localization, software, localizare, situri, engleza, romana, freelancer, utilaje, manuale, instruction, user, tester, software, diagnosticare, strings, prompts, instructiuni, utilizare, excavatoare, buldozere, buldoexcavatoare, incarcatoare, backhoe, loader, cutting, inserts, drill, bit, burghie ... Romanian
633 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Tudor Soiman
  Whenever you need quality on time
strictness, quality, accuracy, open- and broad-minded ... Romanian
387 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Mihaela Buruiana
  Traductions d'affaires et localisation
business translations, English to Romanian, traduction du francais vers le roumain, financial translator, localization, financial translations, website localization, software localization, marketing translator, legal translator, literary translator ... Romanian
365 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Dan Butuza
  Technical. Military. Subtitling.
operations manuals, patents, technical documents, translations, wordfast, editing, proofreading, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, art, literature, military, subtitling, training nco sop, Architecture reports, experimental researches, pumps, elevators, printing presses, birth certificates, civil judgments, marriage certificates, power of attorneys, account statements, school transcripts, pension documents, automotive, industrial, machines, diagnostics, devices ... Romanian
344 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Dan Topor
  Quality technical translations
mechanical, engineering, mechatronics, IT, communications, electronics, hardware, mobile phones, landline phones, copiers, printers, scanners, security systems, injection moulding machines, injection-molding machines, bottling plants, refrigerators, cranes ... Romanian
343 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Ioana Costache
  Clinical trials, legal, HR
English, Romanian, translation, editing, business law, contract law, market research, pharma, pharmaceuticals, EMA submissions, PIL, SPC, SmPC, linguistics, engleza, romana, traducere, traduceri, engleza juridica, contracte, cercetare de piata, farma, farmaceutice, Agentia Europeana pentru Medicamente, Agenţia Europeană pentru Medicamente, European Medicines Agency, EMA, prospecte, lingvistica, filologie, roumain, anglais, traduction, localizare, localization, clinical trial, studiu clinic, studii clinice, linguistic validation, validare, quality assurance, HR policy, business ethics, code of conduct, compliance, compliance training, privacy policy, data protection, EULA, cookie policy, confidentiality policy, safety data sheet, SDS, MSDS, REACH, fisa date securitate, fişă cu date de securitate, consimtamant informat, consimţământ informat, QRD, rezumatul caracteristicilor produsului, prospect, medical writing, medical writer, EMWA, medical devices, dispozitive medicale, instructions f ... Romanian
318 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   LIVIA EPURE
  Accuracy provided by an engineer
logging, oil and gas, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing, geology, IT, QHSSE, environment, medical devices, labor medicine, medical trials, marketing, legal, science, Engineering: Industrial, Tech/Engineering, Engineering: Mechanical = Mechanics, Environment & Ecology, Law: Contract(s), Law (general), Machinery & Tools = Mechanical, Management, Manufacturing, Medical: Instruments, Mining & Minerals / Gems Inginerie (general), Inginerie (știință petrolieră), Inginerie: Industrială, Juridic (general), Geologie, IT (Tehnologia informaţiei), Mecanică/Inginerie mecanică, Producţie, Ştiinţă (general), ... Romanian
292 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Ana-Maria Vieru
  Clinical trials, Legal, Business/HR
translator, native, Romanian, English, Romanian-English, EU affairs, legal, translations, English to Romanian, business, environment, contract, law, sworn, legal translator, certified, software, medicale, medical, trados, memoQ, traducator, engleza, romana, legalizare, autorizare, traduceri, română, engleză, translation, traduceri legalizate, autorizate, mass-media, advertising, correspondence, localization, accounting, financial, financiar, contabilitate, software ... Romanian
282 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Tatiana Bejan
  Romanian skillful technical translator
traducător engleză-română, traducător engleză-spaniolă, traducător spaniolă-română, traducător domeniul tehnic, technical, constructions, proofreading, editing, website localization, software localization, English, Romanian, Spanish, translation, proofreading, editing, human resources, personnel, EU, marketing, market research, linguistics, philology, nonfiction, travel guide, tourism, traducere, traduceri, corectură, revizie, engleza de afaceri, administrație, contracte, UE, Uniunea Europeană, resurse umane, managementul resurselor umane, lingvistică, filologie, ghid turistic, turism, traductor, títulos, rumano español, traducción, traductor jurado, freelancer, good translator, quality translations, traductor profesional, traductor nativo, revisión de textos, professional translations, SDL Trados, OmegaT, MemoQ, Wordfast, Inginerie (general), Inginerie: Industrială; Automatică şi robotică, Industria aerospaţială/Aviaţie/Spaţiu, Automobile/Maşini şi camioane, Computere (general), Elect ... Romanian
269 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Cristina Butas
  Communication, marketing, e-commerce, IT
translation, Romanian, traduction, roumain, révision, relecture, review, copy editing, proofreading, localization, localisation, adaptation, transcreation, English to Romanian, English to Romanian translation, English - Romanian translation, English to Romanian translator, English to Romanian reviewer, English to Romanian proofreader, French to Romanian, French to Romanian translation, French to Romanian translator, French to Romanian reviewer, French to Romanian proofreader, translations into Romanian, Romanian translator, English Romanian financial translator, English to Romanian financial translation, French to Romanian financial translation, Romanian financial translator, Romanian financial translation, Romanian business translator, English Romanian business translator, English to Romanian business translation, French to Romanian business translation, Romanian business translation, business translations, business translator, financial translations, financial translator, Romanian e- ... Romanian
224 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Iulia Manescu
  MA in Quantitative Economics
Clinical trials, ICF, PRO, Regulatory affairs, SmPC, letters, Marketing materials, brochures, website, Legal materials, contracts, Case report forms, CRFs, Clinical study protocols, Informed Consent Forms, ICFs, Instructions for use, IFUs, IVRS, IWRS, Medical Records, Packaging and labelling, Patents and patent applications, Patient Questionnaires, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), Pharmacoeconomic and pharmacotherapeutic reports, Product information, SmPC, Labelling, PIL, Study Protocols, informed consent forms, drug testing, laboratory equipment, IFUs, software user manual, EMA Annexes, SPCs, PILs, Labelling patient questionnaires, linguistic validation, IFUs, medical devices, Patient Records, EMA Product Summary, Study Protocols, ICF, PIS, Market Express, MarketScope, Annual financial reports, Company financial analysis, business, commerce, finance, marketing, economics, human resources, HR, banking, IT, user manual, computers, law, English to Romanian, Romanian to English, Spanish ... Romanian
200 points
English vers Romanian
Identity Verified   Paula Dana Szabados
  MSc. in mechanical engineering
English, French, Romanian, engleză, franceză, technical, quality management, environment, waste management, water management, HSE, operation instructions, chemical, petrochemical, timber, mechanical, food safety, plastics processing, laboratory equipment, translation, proofreading, waste waters, polymers, oil and gas, extrusion, blow moulding, injection, TRADOS, mechanical, transformers, bearings, Agriculture, marketing, automotive, pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, instrumentation, actuators, logistics, training courses, REACH, waste management, MSDS, emissions, Deja-vu, Wordfast, turbines, filling machines, health and safety, ethics, guidelines, human resources, food safety, HACCP, e-learning courses, valves ... Romanian
182 points
English vers Romanian
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