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Start time:Feb 23, 2012 15:00 GMT     Add to calendar

Duration: 3 (three) hours.

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Summary:Using social networks as a marketing tool and somewhat disappointed by the results? Or considering integrating social media as part of your branding strategy? After the overview offered in the lats webinar, let's cutomize it to you and dig in detail this time in the Dos' and Don'ts and etiquettes of the biggest social networks.
After having covered some basics in the last webinars, this 3 hours highly interactive course will be a hands-on workshop, which means we'll go into much more details and customize the course to each attendee as much as possible.

After those 3 hours you should be able to immediately make you own Social Media Marketing plan and implement it.

Social networks are all over the place today and businesses that understood their potential are widely using them as marketing and promotion tools. Translation companies are no expection. A growing number of them are present on social media. The right question to ask yourself as freelance translators and thus entrepreneurs is not whether you should be onboard the social media train anymore. You should have figured that out for a while now, whether you're in or not, it was a choice. Or maybe you are still wondering whether you should - if that's your case, no worries, you can still catch the train!
No, the real question you should ask yourself if at this point you have decided to join the playground is how you should use these tools and what you expect from them. Or rather how you SHOULD NOT be using them and what you should not expect from them.

So, join us!

See training attendees' feedback below:

"Great course! It goes beyond the basics, covering the meat of SMM."
Jennifer Baldwin

"I found the material to be very relevant to the current state of social media. Anne's presentation was based on her own extensive experience with social media, which made her talk lively and interesting."
Anton Kunin

"The latest and greatest in social media for translators."
Tess Whitty
Target audience
This course is aimed at freelancers, whether new or seasoned, who already have the basic knowledge of LinkedIn and Facebook, and of Twitter to some extent and who:

- are already using social networks as part of their marketing strategy but do not have the results expected, or
- want to make social media part of their marketing strategy, but have not really started yet
- are wondering whether "it" really works
Learning objectives
In this 3h intensive course, you will learn:

- what social networks really can and can't do for you
- the etiquettes of the main social networks
- the right and the wrong ways of using the main networks
- what the reality behind a social media strategy is
- what a constructive (and realistic) social media marketing strategy is
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Anne Diamantidis    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: French native certified translator for English and German, Anne is the Marketing Manager (and occasional in-house translator!) at GxP Language Services, a medical LSP based in Germany. She also has her own business working as a Social Media & Internet Marketing consultant, speaker and trainer for freelancers and small business owners, in the translation industry and in other industries - she has already helped hundreds of translators boost their online presence and visibility. Earlier this year, she was commissioned to manage the online image of a candidate running in the French elections - quite an experience! A regular contributor to marketing and translation publications, she gives training sessions and workshops all over Europe. Follow her on Twitter @ADiamantidis and join the SocialMedia4Translators Community for daily tips on online branding! Also check out The Stinging Nettle for articles and help on Internet Marketing.