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Requirements for translation companies

01 Business reliability

The first requirement for admittance into the program is business reliability. This is assessed through a combination of language service provider and client feedback, and consideration of relevant data from the ProZ.com database. Once admitted to the program, participants must maintain good track records in order to remain in the program.

02 Good citizenship

The second requirement for admittance into the program is "good citizenship". Participants must endorse and act in a manner consistent with the ProZ.com professional guidelines, they must accept the terms and conditions of program participation, and they must contribute to the upkeep of the program by remaining in good standing as members, in terms of membership fees, profile data, and adherence with site and program rules and regulations.

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I have just been awarded the Certified Pro tag. For the moment I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for being accepted in this program. I am happy to be in this network!

I am really happy to meet all of you here, and will definitely make my contributions as I can.

Intelligent, qualified people. Interesting two-way discussions, good feedback. Great program and great group.