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Traducteurs et interprètes English vers Italian » General fields

Traducteurs English vers Italian Tech/Engineering (26807)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Art/Literary (9084)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Medical (592)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Law/Patents (12358)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Science (1802)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Bus/Financial (5244)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Marketing (1295)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Other (16638)
Traducteurs English vers Italian Social Sciences (2279)

Traducteurs et interprètes English vers Italian » Specific fields

Traducteurs English vers Italian: Comptabilité
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Publicité / relations publiques (7761)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Industrie aérospatiale / aviation / espace
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Agriculture
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Bétail / élevage (886)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Anthropologie (1718)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Archéologie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Architecture
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Art, artisanat et peinture
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Astronomie et espace
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Finance (général)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Automation et robotique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Industrie automobile / voitures et camions
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Biologie (-tech, -chim, micro-)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Botanique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Construction / génie civil (2477)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Entreprise / commerce (7279)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Matériaux (plastique, céramique, etc.)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Certificats / diplômes / licences / CV
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Chimie / génie chim. (1646)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Poésie et littérature
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Cinéma, film, TV, théâtre
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Textiles / vêtements / mode
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Télécommunications
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ordinateurs (général) (5495)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ordinateurs : matériel (2543)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ordinateurs : logiciels
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ordinateurs : systèmes, réseaux
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Droit : contrat(s)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Cuisine / culinaire (6133)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Cosmétiques / produits de beauté (3874)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine : dentisterie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Média / multimédia
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Économie (4110)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Enseignement / pédagogie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Électronique / génie électronique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Énergie / génération d'électricité (2198)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ingénierie (général)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ingénierie : industriel
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Mécanique / génie mécanique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Génie et sciences nucléaires
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Environnement et écologie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ésotérisme
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Pêche
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Folklore (2101)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Produits alimentaires et Boissons
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Foresterie / bois / bois d'œuvre (642)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Mobilier / électroménager
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Jeux / jeux vidéo / jeux d'argent / casino (3445)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Mines et minéraux / pierres précieuses
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Généalogie (282)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Général / conversation / salutations / correspondance (6423)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Génétique (718)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Géographie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Géologie (623)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Gouvernement / politique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Photographie / imagerie (et arts graphiques)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine : soins de santé (3306)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Histoire
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Tourisme et voyages
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Ressources humaines (3448)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Idiômes / maximes / proverbes
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Assurances (1346)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Org / dév. / coop internationale
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Internet, commerce électronique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Investissement / titres
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Métallurgie / moulage (740)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: TI (technologie de l'information)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Journalisme
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Immobilier
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Droit (général) (5231)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Droit : brevets, marques de commerce, copyright (2324)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Droit : taxation et douanes (1371)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Linguistique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Transport / expédition
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Gestion (2426)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Fabrication (1701)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Navires, navigation, marine
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Marketing / recherche de marché (5509)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Mathématiques et statistiques (766)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine (général) (5338)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine : cardiologie (1074)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine : instruments (1543)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Médecine : médicaments (2351)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Météorologie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Métrologie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Militaire / défense (694)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Musique (4000)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Appellations (personnes, entreprise) (714)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Nutrition (2122)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Génie et sciences pétrolières
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Autre
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Papier / fabrication (475)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Brevets
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Philosophie (2024)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Physique
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Imprimerie et édition
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Psychologie
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Religions
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Vente au détail
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Sécurité
Traducteurs English vers Italian: SAP
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Sciences (général)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Argot
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Sciences sociales, sociologie, éthique, etc. (3541)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Sports / forme physique / loisirs
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Arpentage
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Vins / œnologie / viticulture (2401)
Traducteurs English vers Italian: Zoologie

English vers Italian translators and interpreters

À propos de la colonne de l’adhésion Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
(in pair)
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Identity Verified   Gaetano Silvestri Campagnano
  Quality, accuracy and reliability
medicine, farmacology, chemistry, biology, medical device, medical devices, medical software, biomedical product, biomedical products, information technology, it, it product, it products, hardware, software, hardware product, hardware products, software product, software products, linguistics, history, classical music, classical musicology, medical translation, medical translations, medical translator, farmacological translation, farmacological translations, farmacological translator, medical device manual, medical devices manuals, medical equipment manual, medical equipment manuals, medical equipment translation, medical equipment translations, medical equipment translator, chemical translation, chemical translations, chemical translator, chemical product, chemical products, chemical document, chemical documents, material safety data sheet, material safety data sheets, safety data sheet, safety data sheets, MSDS, MSDSs, SDS, SDSs, biological translation, biological translations, biolo ... Italian
21752 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Laura Gentili
  problem solving, proactive approach
medicine, medical translation, medical translations, medical device translation, debriding agents, medical equipment, medical equipment translations, medical software, medical software translation, diagnostic equipment, ultrasound systems, medical devices, nuclear medicine, medical equipment, automated laboratory system, patient diaries, medical products, nuclear medicine, pet systems, ct systems, osteoporosis, knee replacement, scoliosis, infertility, reproductive technologies, fertility treatments, assisted reproduction technologies, fertility, disinfectors, hospitalwashers, medical surveys, thermoregulation, hospital equipment, prepress, pre-press, printing, digital printing, printers, digital cameras, irrigation, irrigation systems, air conditioning, air conditioners, telecom, telecomm, telecommunications, call center, call centers, contact center, contact centers, medical software, medical records, cardiology, laser equipment, immunology, autoimmune diseases, doppler, sonography, ... Italian
5176 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Oscar Romagnone
  Broad experience in legal translations
Tourism, turismo, tourisme, hotels, shipping, maritime, marittimo, law, ley, loi, legale, contracts, contratti, legal translations, legalización, traducciones juradas, traductor jurado, traducciones jur¡dicas, traduzioni legali, traductions juridiques, jugements, judgements, sentenze, sentencias, atti di citazione, writ of summons, claim forms, citation, exploit, notifica, signification, notificación, service, notice, atto di precetto, administration, government, politics, social sciences, contrats, contratos, certificates, certificati, certificats, diplomas, licenses, patents, immigration translator, sworn translator, traducteur assermenté, traduttore giurato, asseverazioni, expert au Tribunal de Sanremo, asesor del Tribunal de Sanremo, court appointed expert in Sanremo, consulente tecnico d'ufficio, traducciones nocturnas, traductions nocturnes, accuracy, availability, fast service, experience, good rates, correttezza, accuratezza, servizi rapidi, traduzioni notturne, navigazione, na ... Italian
4785 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   texjax DDS PhD
  Degree + PhD in Dentistry, ATA-Certified
anatomy, article, articles, articles review, Assistant Editor, biology, bio-medicine, cancer, cardiology, caries, cariology, chirurgia refrattiva, clinical trials, consent forms, conservative, conservative, cosmetic dentistry, cross-sectional study, DDS, dental, dental anatomy, dental apparatus, dental article translation, dental articles, dental caries, dental devices, dental equipment, dental implants, dental insurance, dental journal, dental journals, dental literature, dental products, dental publication, dental publications, dental publishing, dental research, dental study, dental surgery, dental text, dental text review, dental therapy, dental thesis, dental transaltions, dentistry translations, dental translation services, dentist, dentistry, dentistry journal, dentistry papers, dentistry publishing, dentistry translation services, denture, diabetology, diagnostic, diagnostic equipment, dietology, doctor, drugs, editing, editing-proofreading, Editor, electrode, endocrinology, en ... Italian
4129 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Monica M.
  IoL Accredited + Financial Background
English into Italian translator, English into Italian translation, top quality translator, quality translations, financial translator, financial translations, banking translator, investment, asset management, marketing translator, insurance translator, legal translator, translation of reports, website translator, prospectuses, fund commentaries, fund analysis, stock market reviews, technical analysis reports, financial mathematics, investment management agreements, essays, subscription agreement, info packs, option agreements, term sheets, balance sheets, safety manuals, equity incentive plans, memos, contracts, deeds, press releases, product brochure, newsletter, advertising campaigns, adaptation, copyediting, Architecture, interior design, cooking, culinary, Nutrition, environment, ecology, carbon footprint, environmental reports, environmental audits, environmental sustainability, alternative energies, NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology ... Italian
3685 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   marina callegari
  MD, medical translator
medicine, pharmacology, drugs, IVD, medical equipments, translation, editing, proofreading, clinical research, clinical trials, patient information sheet, informed consent forms, SPC & PIL, EMEA, FDA, medical devices, user's manuals, TRADOS, DEJA VU X, memoQ, CAT tool, oncology, cardiology, immunology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, microbiology, pneumology, urology, haematology, gynaecology, dermatology, Huntington disease, glycolipid storage disorders, veterinary, radiology, immunohistochemistry, FISH, hip prosthesis, spinal systems, knee replacement, hip replacement, vaccines, hemodiafiltration, hemodialysis, transcatheter cardiac, vascular & biliary devices, resuscitation systems, nucleic acid analyzer, neuromodulation devices, cardiac valves, transcatheter heart valves, aortic bioprosthesis, CR Xray systems, non invasive ventilation systems, dentistry, nuclear medicine, glucose monotoring devices, transcription and translation of promotional/educational videocl ... Italian
3628 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Adele Oliveri
  Excellence in financial translations
economics, business, finance, management, politics, international relations, publishing, editorial translations, content management, web editing, web editor, international cooperation, development, journalism, economia, economia aziendale, Gestione aziendale, strategia aziendale, finanza, scienze politiche, relazioni internazionali, editoria, cooperazione internazionale, sviluppo, giornalismo ... Italian
3260 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Mirko Mainardi
  Games, Apps, Website and SW localization
Italian, English, marketing, technical translation, technical translator, IT translation, software localization, software localisation, website localization, website localisation, site localization, site localisation, translation, translator, IT, tourism, videogames, video games, video games localization, video games localisation, games localization, games localisation, video game, videogame localization, videogame localisation, video-game localization, video-game localisation, video game localization, video game localisation, game localization, games localization, Italian native, video games, videogames, videogame translations, video game translations, localization, localisation, traduttore madrelingua Italiana, English Italian translator, Italian mother tongue translator, translation, translations, freelance translator English Italian, Italian video games translator, Italian videogames translator, Italian games translator, Italian games localization, Italian game localization, italia ... Italian
3062 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   gianfranco
  Zen and the Art of Glossary Maintenance
software, hardware, internet, database, programming, network, client, server, localization, l10n, internationalization, i18n, marketing, communication, technical, engineering, automotive, mechanical, car, auto, truck, tractor, diesel, byke, engine, SAP, ERP, business, accountancy, editing, proofreading, games, sport, food, training, marketing, website, HTML, Trados, CAT, programming, terminology, project, quality, management, reviewing, proofreading, quality, control, memory, office, VBA, macro, technology ... Italian
2932 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Gianni Pastore
  Former Pro Sound Engineer
Traduzioni, Traduttore, Strumenti Musicali, Translations, Translator, Music technology, Music Business, Acoustics, Hardware/Software Recording, Musical Instruments, Specifications, Keyboard, Mixer, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Condenser Microphone, Dynamic Microphone, Brass, Metronome, Outboard, Compressor, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Echo, Tape-Echo, Reel-to-Reel, Hard-Disk Recording, Rotary Speaker, Grand Piano, Sampler, Campionatore, Tastiere, Chitarra, Basso, Registrazione, Pianoforte, Metronomo, Microfoni, Computer Music, Music Production, Audio Applications, Music Biographies, Artist's Interviews, MIDI, MIDI Over USB, Sequencer, NFL, MLB, Football, American foootball, Baseball, baseball, Basketball, basketball, NCAA, NHL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers ... Italian
2800 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Michele Esposito
  Enabling On-Brand Global Business
spanish translation, English to spanish translation, translation, spanish to English translation, french translation, free translation, google translation, german translation, Italian translation, latin translation, translation English to spanish, lost in translation, french to English translation, spanish English translation, English to french translation, russian translation, translation spanish to English, french English translation, german to English translation, Italian to English translation, spanish translation to English, welsh translation, English spanish translation, English to german translation, English to Italian translation, spanish translation google, English to japanese translation, English to latin translation, English to russian translation, free translation online, german English translation, greek translation, hebrew translation, English french translation, English translation, latin to English translation, translation spanish, vietnamese translation, hawaiian trans ... Italian
2466 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
  Traduction technique depuis 25 ans
Mechanic, Electric, Electronic, Hydraulic instruction books, specifications documentation, , Safety, Engineering, Computer, Telecommunication translation, review, proofreading, Software localization. Traduzione, revisione e proofreading di manualistica, specifiche e documentazione meccanica, elettrica, elettronica idraulica, sicurezza, engineering, computer, telecomunicazioni, localizzazione del software. ... Italian
2450 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Silvia Nigretto
  Automotive Translator since 1996
Automotive field, settore automobilistico, secteur automobile, translator, traduttrice, traducteur, interpreter, interprete, interprète, liason interpreter, interprete di trattativa, interprète de liason, owners manuals, libretti di uso e manutenzione, workshop manuals, manuali di officina, manuels techniques automobile, Fiat, GM, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Volvo, Suzuki, technical training, formation téchnique, formazione tecnica, meccanica, mechanics, mécanique ... Italian
2146 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Roberta Anderson
  Localization & Graphic Arts, Win & MacOS
localization, software, hardware, mac os, windows, graphics, imaging, video editing, prepress, printing, press, presses, macchine da stampa, rotative, print, montaggio video, IT, computer, cd-rom, web, html, localisation, localizzazione, DTP, Acrobat, PDF, Trados, SDLX, layout, impaginazione, marketing, training, formazione, publishing, digital cameras, fotocamere digitali, cellular phones, telefonini, telecommunications, telecomunicazioni, pagemaker, indesign, stampa, printers, stampanti, acrobat, imaging, photography, fotografia, sw, hw, mac, macos, macintosh, apple, pc, grafica, prestampa, ... Italian
2147 points
English vers Italian
  Giuseppe Bellone
  Anything worth doing is worth doing well
KEYWORDS: English, Italian, French, languages, dictionaries, vocabulary, crosswords, word games, riddles, children's books, stories, proverbs, literature, poems, religion, songs, music, grammar, teaching, history, geography, cooking, baking, gardening, plants, flowers, recipes, food, ingredients, meals, art, Architecture, painting, environment, animals, diabetes, medicine, cure, illness, body, biology, Agriculture, science, weather, travels, people, tourism, holidays, hobbies, celebrations, traditions, Folklore, society. PAROLE CHIAVE: Inglese, Italiano, francese, lingue, dizionari, vocabolario, cruciverba, giochi di parole, indovinelli, libri per bambini, storie, proverbi, letteratura, poesie, religione, canzoni, musica, grammatica, insegnamento, storia, geografia, gastronomia, cucina, giardinaggio, piante, fiori, ricette, cibo, alimenti, ingredienti, pasti, arte, architettura, pittura, ambiente, animali, diabete, medicina, cura, malattia, corpo, biologia, agricoltura, scienza, tempo ... Italian
1691 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Raffaella Panigada
  Professional, reliable, always on time
Native Italian, Italian Translator, Traducteur Italien, traduttore inglese, English to Italian translator, French to Italian translator, traduttore inglese Italiano, traduttore francese Italiano, literary, art, tourism, web content, general, native Italian, marketing, advertising, tourism, social sciences, HR, journalism, hospitality, travel, cinema, proofreading, editing, business, localization, real estate, copywriter, abstracts, traduzioni, revisioni, localizzazione, turismo, risorse umane, scienze sociali, giornalismo, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, bellezza, moda, cosmetici, pubblicità, siti web, art, arte, museums, musei ... Italian
1692 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Francesca Pesce
  the best in SICAVs, investment funds
FCP, SICAV, trust funds, ITC, politics, feminism, labour, development, government, contracts, finance, globalisation, differenze di genere, femminismo, fondi comuni, cooperazione allo sviluppo, contratti, fondi azionari ... Italian
1520 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Claudia Cherici
  25+ years experience in tech translation
English, translation, technical, motorcycling, automation, automotive, legal, contract, medical, engineering, packaging, culinary ... Italian
1406 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Alessandro Marchesello
  You can always count on me!
tecnica, motori, industria, produzione, manualistica, sport, scienza, meccanica, elettronica, impiantistica, autoveicolo, software, videogames, hardware, automotive, electronics, mechanics, science, manufacturing, engineering, progettazione, cars, trucks, engines, chassis, transmissions, manuals, user's guides, guide, transportation, trasporti, motorcycle, moto, motocicli, marketing, management, Gestione, industry, industrial, industria, macchinari, machinery, devices, apparecchiatura, equipment, tools, IT, comunicazioni, telecomunicazioni, installations, installazioni ... Italian
1368 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   sabina moscatelli
  Qualified and experienced translator
industrial, machinery, press, brakes, calipers, presse, equipments, in vitro diagnostic, gambling, betting, casino, football, calcio, sports, football players, railways, trazione passante, verbali, fondi, fond, videogames, nda, non disclosure agreements, KIID, MIFID, fundo, investment, subscription, redemption, prospectus, vermögensverwaltung, Allianz, fixed income, money market, securities, bond, Verwaltungsrat, board of directors, Sitzungen, minutes, shareholders, meeting, contract law, business, investment funds, accounting economics, insurance, Agriculture, human Nutrition, dermatology, pediatrics, software, food, cosmetics, toiletries, animal, localization, computer, finance, Économie, traductions, traducteur, italien, Italiano, Italian, Italienisch, English, Deutsch, Spanish, Français, español, Nutrition, pharmaceuticals, banks, balance sheet, trade, traduttore, translations, translator, Wirtschaft, Finanz, Bilanz, Medizin, Recht, Vertrag, bilancio, economia, finanza, contratti, ... Italian
2263 points
English vers Italian
  Daniel Frisano
  Perfection, always. Perfezione, sempre.
Patents, Brevets, brevetti, medical, pharmaceutical, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, science, scientific, industrial, engineering, electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, IT, manuals, English, anglais, inglese, french, français, francese, Italian, italien, Italiano ... Italian
3297 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Maria Rosa Fontana
  Vast experience in the maritime industry
tourism, travel, shipping, yachting, maritime, ships, yachts, boats, turismo, viaggi.imbarcazioni, navi, navigazione, navires, navigation, transport, contracts, contrats, commercial, commerciale, marketing, tourisme, bateaux, nautica, inglese, Italiano, francese, tedesco, German, deutsch, français, anglais, translation, traduzione, traduction, translator, proofreading, revisione, manuals, manuali, manuels, handbooks, internet, e-commerce, siti internet, siti web, web sites, websites, cataloghi, catalogues, brochures ... Italian
1089 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Mirella Soffio
  Taking pride in a job well done
videogames, pc, CAT tools, scripts, consumer electronics, PlayStation, GameBoy, Xbox, games, localization, videogames, video games, jeux vidéo, Nintendo DS, PSP, dialogues, subtitles, giochi, videogiochi, Warcraft, Sony, Vivendi, THQ, Microsoft, SDLX, Trados ... Italian
1069 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Francesco Paolo Jori
  Ph.D., former biomedical investigator
English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italiano, francese, inglese, portoghese, spagnolo, italien, français, englais, portuguais, espagnol, traduttore, translator, traducteur, tradutor, traduzione, traduzioni, traduction, scienza, scientifiche, medicina, genetica, biologia, biologia molecolare, farmacia, apparecchi medicali, biotecnologia, manuali, chimica, fisica, zoologia, botanica, microbiologia, esperienza, science, scientifique, Génétique, biologie, biologie moléculaire, médecine, pharmacie, manuel, biotechnologie, chimie, Physique, Zoologie, Botanique, microbiologie, translation, traduccion, tradução, traducciòn, freelance, experience, editing, science, medicine, medical instruments, biology, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genetics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, microbiology, technical manuals, software, CAT, Trados, Multiterm, SDLX Lite, Office, Adobe Acrobat, Internet connection, physician's manuals, operator manual, user manual, operation man ... Italian
873 points
English vers Italian
Identity Verified   Mara Marinoni
  EN>IT Translation Insurance Specialist
Mara Marinoni, Marinoni, Translator, Translation, Proofreader, Proofreading, Editor, Editing, English, Italian, Insurance, Finance, Management, Banking, Accountancy, IT, Software, Hardware, IT, Information Technology, Computer, Localization, Games, Websites, Articles, Manuals, Brochures, Apps, App, iOS, MS Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, SDL Trados, Trados, Passolo, WinAlign, Milano, Italy, Milan, Italia ... Italian
807 points
English vers Italian
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